CMYK to LAB Converter

This tool is designed to convert any CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) values to respective integer numbers known as CIE L*a*b*. where L* stands for luminance, a* is defines a point on the red-green axis, and b* defines a point on blue-yellow axis. The automatic conversion takes place in a background, where each value is estimated using mathematical procedures.

It is important to know, that CMYK to LAB conversion algorithm is losless, because LAB gamut exceeds all combination possibilities for CMYK colors. LAB color scale is much more closer to what human eye can perceive in terms of color. Using color conversion tool on this page is really simple. Just enter your known CMYK values and hit submit button on the converter tool down below. The final outcome will show up on the screen with CMYK to LAB conversion results.

LAB Color value: 93, 5, 8

(L=93, A=5, B=8)

Converted from CMYK: C0, M7, Y12, K2
CMYK Color to LAB
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Important: This input form requires you to provide CMYK values in percentage from 0 to 100% for each color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). In case you have your CMYK colors expressed in decimal numbers, make sure to multiply each decimal value by 100 to get acceptable values.

This is a simple and easy to use color converter tool that converts CMYK colors to the best matching LAB colors. For each entered CMYK color, the corresponding LAB color will be determined.

cmyk to lab color converter



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