LAB to CMYK Conversion

This LAB to CMYK converter transforms any LAB color composition to visually acceptable CMYK color, considering applicable limitations that CMYK color gamut encounters when subjected to such conversion.

In order to convert a CIEL*a*b (or simply LAB) color space to CMYK, you need to obtain the input values and then calculate the result. It is done by calculating the inverses of each component from CIELAB to CMYK.

The CIELAB color space is a three-dimensional model of colors that are perceptually uniform. It is used by designers who need to produce colors that are consistent across devices. It is different from more common RGB and CMYK color spaces, because CieLAB is based on the CIE XYZ color space, where the L*a*b* values are calculated according to the lightness value and a set of coordinates.

The CIELAB color space is a device-independent color space as opposed to CMYK, which highly depends on the device’s ability to mix primary colors and also the properties of the ink itself.

The LAB to CMYK converter below is a useful tool that facilitates the conversion procedure for you so you can simply grab the final numbers and use them in any medium.

LAB Color to CMYK
Enter LAB color values

Important: This input form only supports LAB code input. The first (top) field is for Lightness, and the other two for a and b coordinates.

lab to cmyk converter


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