We attempted to convert PANTONE 118 C to CMYK and here is the final result (scroll down for all the details). Our color conversion tool concluded, that if you want to represent PANTONE 118 C using CMYK color standard, you should be using these CMYK values for best results - Cyan: 0%, Magenta: 22%, Yellow: 100%, Key (black): 31%. Based on our computations, these CMYK values should yield the most accurate pantone color representation for a human eye. There are some key points to understand when trying to accomplish PANTONE to CMYK conversion. As you should already know, CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These are the components that you mix (using tiny overlapping dots) to obtain various color tones and shades. However, PANTONE is not technically a "color system" as it's a collection of spot colors. It is not supposed to represent any imaginable color, but instead offers a large library of handpicked color hues.

Pantone Color

Color:PANTONE 118 C
Collection:Pantone Solid Coated
Color Hex:#AF8900 Details Here
Color PANTONE 118 C to CMYK (0 22 100 31) converter
The image above depicts PANTONE 118 C to CMYK conversion result. Click to enlarge.

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CMYK Color

CMYK Color name:
CMYK Percentage:0%, 22%, 100%, 31%
CMYK Float:0, 0.22, 1, 0.31
CMYK to RGB:175, 137, 0

CMYK Composition build for PANTONE 118 C (preview)
CMYK Build for PANTONE 118 C color (Click to edit)
Keep in mind that identical similarity between PANTONE and CMYK colors is not to be expected. The reason why these two standards are different is because CMYK is the color space model used in printing and digital imaging. It is designed to represent any imaginable color as close as possible. While Pantone is a color standard, which is actually a collection of predefined colours, mostly used in design and other decorative arts.