RGB Color picker from image

Our web-based RGB Color Picker tool simplifies the process of extracting RGB color values from any uploaded image. Whether you’re a developer, designer, or simply seeking accurate color information, our tool provides a straightforward interface to select and retrieve RGB color codes.

With a focus on simplicity and precision, our RGB Color Picker helps you seamlessly extract RGB values from images for your creative or technical projects. Explore the versatility of our tool and effortlessly obtain RGB colors from your uploaded images.

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Get cmyk color code from image uploaded here

How to use this RGB color picker

Finding RGB color from any uploaded image is the key feature of this free online tool. It will accurately tell you the RGB color code under any pixel that you can point your mouse to.

Extracting RGB Colors from Uploaded Images is easy:

Step 1:

Browse your computer to upload the image file. It should be image file, with one of the most common image file extensions like jpg, png, gif, webp etc. Keep in mind that the file of your file may affect the upload speed.

Step 2:

Select the file and click upload button to have your local file sent to our server for further analyzing and color extraction.

Step 3:

Upon successful upload, the image file will be displayed on the screen in the dedicated area. This means that your image file is ready for RGB color extraction.

Step 4:

Point your mouse to the image frame and click the left mouse button to capture the color located directly under the mouse crosshair pointer.

Simply pointing your mouse to some spot on the picture will allow you to find the RGB color code from image area. Each click on the picture will take a snapshot for listing the RGB codes here on this page.

Step 5:

Capturing RGB color from any picture is easy with this tool. Your chosen colors will stack up in real-time each time you click. Not only can you copy the RGB color values, but you can also proceed into further color manipulation and fine-tuning using other tools available on this site. Unleash your creativity and effortlessly navigate through the vibrant world of color with our comprehensive toolset.