CMYK Test Print

Probably each printer’s life starts from a basic test print job. Maybe right after assembly line, or after being wired up at your desk or industrial printing facility. Printing out a test page is probably the best way to proof that everything is wired up, installed and configured correctly to start printing.

cmyk test print

This is where test page templates like this one comes really handy. A simple PDF file involving several different exercises to proof that everything is up to a standard. Click here to download the PDF file for CMYK Test print.

Printing tests are good for more than just verifying that your printer works. They can also be used to verify that your software or drivers updated correctly, and all new implementations are compatible with an existing system.

cmyk calibration pdfBesides that, troubleshooting printing accuracy, calibration and color deviations using usual text documents and common images is nearly impossible. The only useful information that we can usually see, is that something is off and the final print does not match the source file as it should.

While the CMYK test print template is specifically designed to isolate misbehavior and point out the culprit which leads to quicker problem identification and easier resolution. There is a number of test files to choose from and you should probably consult your printer’s manual regarding this subject as it might provide some useful insights and tips on how to perform this task on that specific hardware flawlessly.

In general, to perform a decent CMYK test print, a few conditions has to be met:

  1. High quality (preferably not jpeg), high resolution test file is required.
  2. Test file should force the printer to use each color available in different conditions.
  3. Use the same test page and keep the results for later comparison. Comparing test pages from different times can help to notice the undesired changes or degradation of quality.