Matching CMYK to ORACAL 651 is easier than ever

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This post is intended to yield you some productive knowledge, so it’s great to see you here! If you’re also tasked with assigning an Oracal 651 code to a CMYK code, you’re in the right place. You will no learn how it’s done in a few quick steps and one handy tool found online.

Well, it’s not exactly a huge innovation, but this small online tool is well equipped for the task! I’ve tried it several times and results did not disappointed me even once. Just look at this screenshot below. I will guide you through the process so you can repeat it whenever required.

cmyk to oracal 651



Look at this example where I convert PANTONE 213 C to ORACAL 651 based on known CMYK values for PANTONE 213 C (those are 2, 98, 25, 0 by the way) In this example I’m using converter.

How it does the conversion

It takes just a few clicks, and it does a pretty good job. Just look at the random CMYK matching examples that I was presented with:

cmyk to oracal 651 random

I’m sure this can be useful for your project, so I’m happy to share this here.

More valuable resources

Not only that, but you can also convert CMYK to some of the most common formats. For example CMYK to Pantone and CMYK to LAB are the ones I use quite frequently for my projects. Maybe you need Munsell color system or HSL values for your CMYK colors? These are also on the list, so go ahead and use for your convenience!