CMYK Color Separation

cmyk separation online freeUpload images here to process and separate color layers. You can usually do that in Photoshop or Illustrator, but if you only have to do it once in a while, this free online tool is decent alternative to those other paid options.

The example image here shows exactly how each separated layers looks like with each preview image isolating each color from CMYK combination.

You can start by uploading your file on the form below or see more examples that we have produced to illustrate the layer separation process here and here. You can also read more about this online tool.

CMYK Preview:
Original CMYK image preview (unseparated layers)
Separated CMYK Preview:
Extracted CMYK layers

How to use this CMYK Separator

This CMYK layer separator will process your uploaded image to extract each color channel into separate layers. You can then download the extracted images and use them for your projects.

Here’s a recommended steps to take for best results using this extraction process:

Step 1:

Find the browse file button on this page and locate your file on the local storage. You can pick any common image file format, it is acceptable to upload png, jpeg, gif, webp and other universal formats that are widely used.

Step 2:

Select the file and let the upload to be completed. Your image file will be processed (separated) on the server-side.

Step 3:

cmyk layers tshirt image extractedIn case of successful separation, you will be presented with a preview image, and also the resulting separation image set. This set consists of four images, each dedicated to a specific color channel.

The layout sequence matches the CMYK abbreviation:

1. Cyan layer (separated from others – magenta, yellow and black completely removed);
2. magenta layer (separated from others – cyan, yellow and black completely removed);
3. Yellow layer (separated from others – cyan, magenta and black completely removed);
4. Black layer (separated from others – cyan, magenta and yellow completely removed);

Step 4:

Use the button named [Download CMYK layers] to obtain the resulting layer file from the server.

Step 5:

Please keep in mind that our server will only store these temporary files for a brief period. Therefore, it is advisable to download each converted image right away to store it locally on your media device.