CMYK Color picker from image

The use of a color picker is a common practice in order to select an appropriate color for a design. This cmyk color picker is an extension of the RGB color picker, but it uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks to create the desired colors.

The cmyk color picker was created because there are some colors that can only be produced with CMYK ink. This is why designers need to have access to the CMYK palette when they are designing for print.

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How to use this CMYK color picker

The cmyk color picker is a tool for picking colors in the CMYK color space (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) which is used in printing. Using CMYK color picker form image allows you to upload any image file and extract CMYK color codes from any pixel selected. 

Step 1:

Browse your computer to pick the right image. It could be any image file, a screenshot, a photo or a file you downloaded from the internet.

Step 2:

Select the file and click upload button to get your local file uploaded to our server.

Step 3:

Wait for the image to show up on the screen. This means that upload was completed successfully and your image file is ready for CMYK color extraction.

Step 4:

Point your mouse to the image frame and click the left mouse button to capture the color located directly under the mouse crosshair pointer.

Step 5:

Observe the color swatch collection stack up as you click each time. You can copy the CMYK color values or click any swatch sample for further color manipulation and fine-tuning using other tools on this site.